Hafdis HuldHafdis Huld
Album: Home
Label: Reveal
Tracks: 11

"Home" is one of those album's that has benefitted from being sent out well in advance and having a good pr, but maybe not for the reasons you might think.

Like a number of artists hailing from Iceland, Hafdis Huld is a former member of electro-collective Gus Gus and has also worked with F C Kahuna before releasing two solo albums that earned her number one singles and awards back home.

"Home" is the first album that she's released post her first child and one that she's supporting with a tour alongside label mate Boo Hewerdine. To be honest on first listening, I wasn't over impressed by "Home" it lacked something, felt a little thin, an opinion confirmed by a second play, "Home" was subsequently tucked away. A couple of days before release I got a call and an email from the pr asking me if we were going to cover it and ended up being persuaded to remove it from the shelf and to give it another go...(tip for bands without a pr, follow up your mailings with an email just to be on the safe side, you never know what the reward might be, reviewers are busy people)

This time I found two songs, "Queen Bee", the single and the circusesque "Wolf" rapidly burrowing their way into my mind, having picked up a far more meaty sound from somewhere, the way the vocal almost seemed to contrast and interact with the background was pushing both songs in the direction of classic acoustic pop. It would appear that "Home" is an album that needs to find the time to grow on you and grow it does.

Subsequent plays have enhanced the appeal of other songs on the album, maybe the lengthening days are just throwing more light on the album, it's certainly got some hidden depths that take a while to reveal themselves, but once they do, there's a delightful album tucked away here, that is reminiscent of that classic, sixties, acoustic pop bubble.

Neil King