Fred's HouseFred's House
Album: Bonnie And Clyde
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

Like a lot of albums, Fred's House debut cut, "Bonnie And Clyde" starts off with a song about cheating. Unusually is not about a two timing son of a bitch, rather about the marathon runner who took a bus around part of the course and provides an excellent metaphor as well as a great way to set an album running.

I first came across Cambridge based Fred's House when their single, "Fine Life" came into the office and I was really keen to hear more from them, with its jaunty, almost AOR hooklines and a really good sense of both lyric and melody.

Well not long ago the band's full length debut, "Bonnie And Clyde" arrived and confirmed everything about those initial thoughts, Fred's House have put together an album that whilst it harks back to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and CSNY remains very much part of the here and now.

A powerhouse rhythm section really does give the rest of the band and opportunity to express themselves, knowing that all the basics are very much in place. Add to that a couple of vocalists, one from each gender and both of whom can take a song from delicate harmonies to out and out power and back again and you really start to get an excellent picture. A lead guitar/banjo completes the jigsaw for a band where all the pieces slot neatly into place and you're not looking around the box for the last missing part.

It's the same with the breadth and depth of the songs, a decent variation in tempo and a move from personal intimate numbers to wide open expanses that bring in more universal themes, including, inevitably the willing to die for each other number, but even here the angle is not entirely what you would expect of it.

Fred's House are a band that I've taken a real delight in discovering, they've lived up to all the promises they made with the early singles and I have no hesitation in recommending that you do the same.

Neil King