Emma JaneEmma Jane
Album: Workhorse
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 7

For a good few years I've been off the belief that Emma Jane is one of the most under-rated Americana artists that these shores have produced and I'm at a loss to explain why. She first came to my attention back in 2007 when she sent me an early version an early demo of "Carter, Cash", a track that would subsequently become her debut single and win a song of the year accolade. It also gets reprised on her new mini-album, "Workhorse", but more of that later.

Her album, "Penilee Songs" from 2012 saw her nominated for a number of awards, picking up the Fatea Album Of The Year award along the way. "Workhorse" released earlier in the Summer has already been nominated as a BCMA UK Album Of The Year and picked up a series of record of the week slots on a number of independent radio stations including Acoustic Spectrum, as well as play on a number of BBC Stations and she's been going down a treat in the Southern USA, where aforementioned "Carter, Cash" has been going down a storm.

Emma Jane is an excellent song writer, there is real sense of understanding in her lyrics and a real passion in her guitar. She knows how to put a song together and is able to capture emotion in her voice. Should she choose to ever cover it, I'm sure she could get Glasgow, her home town, to fill an Olympic size swimming pool with tears, yes her vocals can be that moving. She has the capability to move the hardest of souls.

More importantly, she doesn't wallow in the self pity that country music/Americana has an, unfair, reputation for indulging in. When she's singing with hope in her voice or riding the loved up wave, she's pretty much able to lift the most battered of souls. In short, she is pretty much the real deal, writer and performer, in one firebrand package.

Like the beasts that it's named after, "Workhorse" is a powerful album, and like a well groomed shire has a magnificent feel. There is no doubt that Emma Jane is a real star, if only she could break through the cloud and let more people see it. Hopefully this album will go a long way to achieving that goal!

Neil King

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