Eddi ReaderEddi Reader
Album: Back The Dogs
Label: Reveal
Tracks: 5

I've been listening to Eddi Reader for more years than either of us would probably care to remember. During those times she's produced some excellent material, solo, in bands, self written, written by Boo Hewerdine and others as well as classic cover versions and yet if you had to distil or even double distil that down to just five tracks, I think you would be hard pushed to come up with a collection of songs that are the essence of Eddi Reader, than the five tracks that make up "Back The Dogs"

Bookended by the title track and a cover version of legendary Mancini and Mercer track "Moon River" this is an EP that goes way beyond 'perfect'. Ok leaving the cheap and easy references behind, it's a bold statement and one that does need justification. Well that justification comes with the other three songs, "Juxtaposed With U", "Love Is A Losing Game" and "Mona Lisa".

"Back The Dogs" is as powerful a collection of songs as you'll find in one place. When the songs aren't speaking to the soul, their speaking to the heart and the whole is liberally sprinkled with notes of humour that only add to that delightful bitter sweetness that really allows the senses to be overwhelmed.

There is a real class to this release, it helps you understand why music is called an art. Eddi Reader, knows how to express emotion, she knows how to enjoy herself, live and in the studio, and over the years the entertainment value of that has been huge. The entertainment value of the five tracks that make up "Back The Dogs", simply enormous.

Neil King