Album: No Time Like Now
Label: Made Grave
Tracks: 9

CherryGrove are one of those bands that Scotland produces on a frighteningly regular basis, full of young highly talented musicians that really know they way around their instruments because they've already got years experience behind them and because it's a shared experience musicians that can play and sing together with a natural fluency regardless if they are drawing on the tradition or spinning up their own, more contemporary songs and tunes.

It's not just that they have the places to learn and experiment, in Creative Scotland, there is an organisation prepared to back up the bands with hard cash and to allow the albums to get made and allow the bands to reach wider audiences, both North, South, East And West of the Border in a way that most English bands would give their eye teeth for.

CherryGrove are a five piece that come from a number of different parts and built up their connections though the likes of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Feis Rois and RSAMD and as well as being part of CherryGrove, all members of the band are also involved in other music projects and teaching, meaning that they are always hearing new ideas and helping to inspire musical ideas in others.

If you think that means, "No Time Like Now" is going to be quite a technical album, you would be correct, it is, but that is only a small part of the picture, most of all "No Time Like Now" is an album that runs over with a real passion for music, almost every chord, every note has a real spark of life to it. It's rich in the tradition, but not afraid to break from it either, you can hear elements of jazz and country in the music too.

More than that there is space to hear every instrument, listen to every word, there is a crisp clarity of purpose to the album, vocal, piano, guitar, fiddle, harp and accordion, amongst others, all know their place, know that it's not just the lead that's important, for a song to work well the elements must work together, that's where the real alchemy is.

"No Time Like Now" isn't a calling card, it's a debut that makes a full blown statement, CherryGrove are here to be heard and you will like what you hear, you'll like it a lot.

Neil King