The Changing RoomThe Changing Room
Album: A River Runs Between
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

The Changing room's three track E.P is an impressive insight to their full debut album, which is currently in production. The album has been predicted for release in early January 2015.

The Changing Room brings together a collection of the most impressive folk sounds, heavily influenced by and recorded in Cornwall. The Changing room began life as an arts council project bringing together a large collection of artists from Cornwall.

The Changing room wanted to create something to inspire and engage local people to get involved in a creative project where Cornwall and community was the heart and soul of the project.

What started off as a small community project could turn into a much larger affair. It is not just people from Cornwall that could see the potential in this collaboration. The music has this ability to speak stories with people from all over the country.

This is an example of traditional story telling at it's best. Enhanced by a range of guest performances such as Jennifer Crook - harp, Ryan Jones - guitar. And perfect raw and atmospheric choruses from Polperro Fisherman's choir. This really adds to the idea of bringing a collection of people together, all sharing the same traditions and vibrant identity of where they grew up.

Tanya Brittain has successfully written tracks, which encapsulate the soul of the project and the individual tales of those involved. The tracks are fully justified by the empathetic voices of Sam Kelly and the slightly chillingly beautiful voice of Tanya Brittain. This is shown most powerfully on: 'Deep beneath the sea'. Whereas Row Boys Row really makes you visualise the scene, it as if you are there and insight into a fisherman's life.

The only negative about this is that as an EP there are only three tracks. I am extremely excited for the release of their full album.

Leah Parker-Turnock