Broken FlowersBroken Flowers
Album: Amaryllis
Label: Caduceus
Tracks: 6

I think I'm right in saying that "Amaryllis" is Leeds based quartet, Broken Flower's debut release, it's certainly the first to come into the Fatea office and if this is an example of what the band is capable of, it bodes well for the future.

They've got a sound that drifts across the more electrified versions of folk, blues and country rock, though the sound is unified by a steely, almost gritty determination and the strong, powerful vocals of lead singer, Anna Mosley.

The classic guitar, drum and bass, gives the sound it's body and heart, but it's definitely Anna's voice that gives the songs their spirit and soul, especially the latter one on the slower songs. "Stay Away From Me", being a great example, she nails that feeling of being trapped in a maelstrom of being trapped in that place of knowing something is wrong and not going to work for you, but being unable to resist, not only through the well written and performed lyric, but also by the way she reinforces it through her vocal inclinations.

That said, Broken Flowers are far more than Anna Mosley's voice, there is a gritty determination in the delivery, this is a band that give that they have fought hard for the right to record, got out there and picked up their craft though hard gigging and hard graft, that they know how to put a song together because they've worked it through in the live environment, lived it, experienced it.

There is something of Lone Justice in Broken Flowers, never a bad point of reference, "Amaryllis" is an EP/mini album chocked full of drive and determination and with the right wind, there's no reason why Broken Flowers shouldn't be able to make their presence felt, there's definitely the talent to do so, it's just looking out for the breaks.

Neil King