Ben AvisonBen Avison
Album: Good Day Mr. Magpie
Label: Little Attic
Tracks: 10

The magpie has a strange place in English folklore, being both black and white, it is a bird that doesn't conform to perceptions and also one that commands respect. In folklore up and down the country you greet the magpie, the salutation may change around the regions, but the message is the same, a cheery greeting may bring good luck, snub the bird and it's family and you could well be on a hiding to nothing.

The same is remarkably true of the album Ben Avison, in his wisdom, has decided to attribute the magpie moniker to, being an album that reflects both a positive and fulfilling outlook on life and then contrasts that against the harder aspects you have to fight in order to grow.

In someways, "Good Day Mr. Magpie" is a journey album one that reflects the move towards responsibility for one's own life, but knowing that those frivolous, carefree ones still need to play a part to make life worth living and better yet to have others to share it with.

Ben Avison is a perceptive songwriter and good at turning his observations into short stories that help spark off thoughts about the people and circumstance of their creation, always a good sign. He also tend towards the keeping it simple, predominantly with just guitar and hand percussion to help move things along.

Now hands up this review comes to you a little later than either myself and Ben would have liked, but the reality is that this is an album more than worthy of bringing to your attention as Ben is a writer/performer that deserves to be noticed.

Neil King

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