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Hands up it's been a while since we've done a news and snippets feature so we thought it was time we got back into the habit.

There's quite a lot of snippets to be had this week, first of all concerning one of the bands that you can currently get on our latest Fatea Showcase Session Summer 13:Outlines download, Said The Maiden. Said The Maiden have decided to be kind to journalists everywhere. Currently it's almost compulsory when reporting on Said The Maiden to use the following phrase. 'Three part harmony group, Said The Maiden, Kathy Pilkinton, Jess Distill and Hannah James (no, not her namesake from Lady Maisery/Kerfuffle)' Well to avoid ongoing confusion, Said The Maiden's Hannah James, on the right of the pic, will henceforth be known for music purposes as Hannah Elizabeth.

Said The Maiden are also one of the acts that are taking part in the first ever Folkstock on the 21st of September along with the likes of Lucy Ward, Kris Drever and Josienne Clark and Ben Walker amongst many others. Early bird tickets are now available, for line up and pricing details, check out.

Polly Paulusma is looking to produce a vinyl version of her most recent cd, "Leaves From The Family Tree" and like a lot of artists has gone down the Pledge root.

She's looking for vinyl-lovers and audiophiles willing to preorder an LP and help make history, so if you're up for that, get in there and pledge. IF she gets over her target then there's money heading in the direction of the NSPCC so if you're a vinyl junkie, you can feed your habit, help a great singer songwriter and make life better for children in this country.

Talking of making things better for children, blues stars from all over the UK including Dave Arcari, Dale Storr, Ian Siegal, Todd Sharpville, Clare Free, Tim Aves, Lucy Zirins and Giles Robinson are uniting to help JoJo Burgess raise funds to pay for surgery to help his baby daughter have a chance of walking

JoJo Burgess, best known as the charismatic front-man of Hokie Joint, has recently launched the Help Roxi Walk appeal through Facebook on behalf of his lovely daughter Roxanne who has been diagnosed with spastic-diplegia cerebral-palsy in her legs and may never walk because of it. Since learning of Roxi's disability the family have discovered a revolutionary treatment known as SDR, which is a treatment that cuts select nerves and releases the spasticity (tightness) in the legs, making moving movement much easier.

JoJo and family are hoping to raise £50,000 by Roxi's 3rd birthday (8th August 2014) to allow Roxi to go for treatment at St. Louis Children's Hospital. - The world-leaders in this surgery.

JoJo has had a great response from the Blues World already, with notable artists including Ian Siegal, Dave Arcari, Dale Storr, Giles Robson, Matt Taylor, Todd Sharpville, Jon Amor and JoJo's Hokie bandmate's all offering their services to record a charity single cover of the Iconic 'Meet Me in St.Louis' made famous by Judy Garland. To make a donation, simply visit

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