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We recently reviewed the 25 track double cd compilation album "The Golden Demon" an album that is a collection of songs about destabilising issues such as war, poverty, inequality and political upheaval, all issues that Fatea and many of the artists that we feature in these pages are concerned about.

Thanks to the generosity of Hemifran we've got ten copies of "The Golden Demon" to be won, not only that, two of the lucky winners will also be taking away a t-shirt. To celebrate the first anniversary of Along The Tracks on Acoustic Spectrum Radio we have a unique T-shirt that will accompany the cd to the first name drawn out of the hat at Midday on the 12th of June.

The second name drawn out of the hat will find their copy of "The Golden Demon" accompanied by a Fatea, "Get To Know Some Great Music" t-shirt. To win the cds and t-shirts, simply mail the answers to the following questions to by 11:59 GMT on the 12th of June and be one of the lucky names drawn out of the hat.

Where are Hemifan based ?

Which artist recorded the title track on "The Golden Demon" ?

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The Golden Demon Review

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