Gerry Griffin
Album: Passage Of Time
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Gerry Griffin's Passage of Time album is something of reminiscent of Northern Folk singer Billy Mitchell. Griffins difference is that he has his own twist on his music, giving of this western country feel to the album. I have never had the pleasure of listening to music such as this genre; however I do enjoy the essence of folk that Griffin brings. His old voice is humbling to listen to, now day's country music is associated to Taylor Swift along with the other pretend folk music that kids listen to. So it's quite endearing to hear music such as this, because Griffin is old he has experience and I think that is reflected within his album. That being the passage of time, the emotions that run through his album become progressively upsetting.

I feel that this album is a piece of political performance. Especially in his track War, though I am not sure the swear words are of appropriate use. This track is in empathy for those "on the other side" whoever they may be, with the realisation that someday that they could be us. I am not all in favour of doom and gloom songs, whilst I accept the meaning behind it, the music used in this track I did not enjoy.

We are taken on a journey through political, social and emotional moments of Griffins life. The music is innocent until you hear the lyrics and understand the underlying messages. Though it isn't all doom and gloom, his last song discuss the highlight of his life, finding friends through music, which is clear as Griffin as experience in the art of folk music so he must of made many friends throughout his career.

Griffin puts a lot of passion and soul into these songs and it would be interesting to see him perform them live to see if it has the same impact as a live member of the audience. I guess only the passage of time will tell.

Gemma Hirst

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