Plucked From The Fish Pond 22

This week finds the Fish Pond Family in a place to togetherness. Supporting the lives and talents of our family members while they overcome the many tragedies that we have been faced with in Boston and Oklahoma among many others. So many forget after the first few weeks that the struggle to rebuild our lives and families is not overcome in days; but in years. The beautiful and unique thing about our musical community (in my opinion) is not only that we bring musicians together, but we bring like-minded, caring and supportive people together that share a journey through our similar passion; music. Among the devastation beautiful heartfelt music has been a way of releasing, letting go, and forging through these tough times into a brighter future.

I don't know anyone that does a better to job of using music as an outlet to overcome so many difficult times and obstacles than Richie Walz - known in the musical circles as "The Madman", he's been singing and writing songs since a very young age. With a catalog of over 100 original songs, his music draws you in, and demands your full attention. Every word, note, and melody is thought through with such care; the absolute best of raw emotion comes to the listening ear. His music; while inspirational, also touches upon questioning subjects that need answers...and while the mission might seem crazy, he's using his musical influence to change the world in a positive way. In more recent work, he's expanded his delivery though visual art as well; recording two new music videos in the last of which is through his new production company; MMIC Creations (Movie Music Imagery and Composition Creations). Daring to dream and make those dreams a reality; the best is yet to come from Richie Walz, of that I'm sure.

You can hear more from Riche Walz on his Fish Pond profile at;

Another musician with a heart or pure giving and love; Elizabeth Lee. I had the honor of doing a Skype interview with her not too long ago, and really got to see where her passion lies. From the Red Dawg foundation, to the lyrics in every song, she pours her entire self into it, and all the life experiences she carries with her. While her music is stunning, and her voice is smokey with a slight rasp that's delightful to listen to, it's her continued effort to give that makes me fall in love with her music and journey. Using the means she has created for herself, she continues to encourage and enlighten others as well as express her own personal journey. One of her newest songs; 'Lost Up In You' is a beautiful love story, not overly produced or sung, it's just dripping with emotion and the moment it was felt's come to be one of my favorites from her. During our interview, we discussed so many things; her life journey, dreams, accomplishments and music, just naming a few, and when I asked her what her view of the Fish Pond was, she gave such a wonderful description that really captured the essence of our goal, that I needed to share. "The Fish Pond is all about networking and working together, which is key. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to raise a musician. You need others to keep you inspired, to open you creatively and to add color to your own art; it's a self-expanding process."

You can hear more from Elizabeth on her Fish Pond profile at;

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