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I think almost anyone can relate to music. Whether you're a musician yourself, or just a music lover; music brings out the best and worst in us. When you're strong, weak, happy, lost, or just in need of someone to understand, there's a song that you can connect with. So I think it's safe to say that music bridges the gap of all people form anywhere. A family member of the Fish Pond family asked me the other day, "can music save the world'? and my answer is yes. Why? because even when a song evokes emotions of sadness, it's still healing your wounded heart..and that's what state our world is in now I think; wounded at the heart. So lets sing...not for each other, but for ourselves. Once you heal your own heart, once you heal the root of it, you can heal others..and the world. Let your voice be our heartbeat. Once World; One Family; One Musical Heartbeat.

I see no other musician more fit to introduce you to this week than Haikaa. The one that asked me "can music save the world", her mission is to save the world through her music. Everything that comes from her is pure love, joy and happiness. I can't help but smile when I hear her music, particularly her song; 'Everything I Know About Love'. A beautiful piece of work, every word in her lyric is placed in the verses for a reason, while the chorus is an emotion in it's self. With a wide multicultural background; Brazil, Japan, and the U.S, she has a worldly outlook on music and what her message needs to be for it to relate with people from all walks of life. Her voice is soft yet powerful, and she has a way of finishing each word in the lyric with just as much emphasis as at the start; adding an element of power to every note, while she vocally takes it other places. Her debut album 'Work of Art' was released in the fall of 2011. Featuring nine tracks she wrote along with songwriting partner Mercuri. The album is a reflection of Haikaa entirely; bleeding with rich vocals, musical creativity, and the message of hope, love, and empowerment. It is truly a 'Work of Art'.

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There is no one better to pair with the talent of Haikaa than gospel group; Voices of Prayze. Filling every song with R&B soul and uplifting lyrics that inspire you to awaken to a higher consciousness. Their song 'After The Rain' is a stunning lyrical example of the power of many. Sometimes the simplest lyric can become the most powerful, all because of how it's sung and who sings it. It's beautiful to hear something dripping with so much emotion while a piano accompaniment accents their voices like a shining star lighting the path ahead for the song to travel on. The group is made up of singers; Karen Mills, Betty Mills, Connie Corn, Ida Rhem, Tanya Murphy, Renea Flenoid, Sardie Flenoid and Chirell Warren. Their experience ranges from recording with grammy winning artist; Jason Mraz and Fun, to singing on album tracks with The Makepeace Brothers, performing at multiple recognized events and touring with Jason name just a few. But despite (or maybe because of) their successes, they have remained humble. With lyrics that are inspired from someplace divine, they sing to heal our wounded hearts and fill all life with joy.

You can hear more from Voices of Prayze on their Fish Pond profile at;

Pranam Bai

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