Camp Bestival A Festival For All Occasions
August 1st - 4th

There was a time when the festival was part of the rights of the rights of passage thing, a place to sew your wild oats let down your hair and have that final fling before settling into to a proper job and becoming a respected member of society. If you were over thirty you were either an aging hippy or at the very least suspect. The only place for children to be at a festival was being conceived and only then if you were really unlucky and then generation Y decided that wasn't good enough for them, they were going to grow older, but not up, a family shouldn't mean the end of the festival experience it should be part of it and Camp Bestival born.

Located at Lulworth Castle in the Dorset countryside and running from the 1st to 4th of August, Camp Bestival, curated by Josie & Rob Da Bank, really does cater for the whole family from two to eighty two and when I say cater, I really mean cater, not just to your musical needs, but to that whole fun experience you deserve when buying tickets for a family festival.

If at a festival the fun and food are sorted pretty much everything falls into place and if you can have that without having to have a shouting match with your teenage daughter, because your toddler wants to watch the pretty bubbles, then Bob, or should that be Rob, is very much your uncle.

Camp Bestival has become a festival of choice, because it's not just about the music, though if music is your be all and end all you can find it on site all day, every day, if it's not then there is so much to do, if you're there with your kids or not.

For a start it's at a castle, so that means knights charging up and down the jousting ground right ? Right. Falcons taking to the sky, maypoles and morris dancers, hog roasts and the chance to dress up like a pirate or a princess? Oh yes and whilst we're at it there's got to be circus and a fairground and fireworks?

These days festivals are about participation so there's a whole host of workshops, things to make and break, songs and dances to learn. Heroes to meet and greet and why not take in a Horrible History whilst you're at it? History not your thing, whilst there's always the science and the creepy crawlies.

Film and comedy more your thing, well it looks like you're in luck again there's a great range of comedians for all tastes and ages spread across the four days as well as an onsite cinema. Prefer you action live well I'm sure there's a show or two you can take in.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh yes the music, regardless of if you like your sound out of the turntable or out of the microphone you will be catered for. Acts from your past, acts from music's future or vying for your attention and a chance to entertain you.

Camp Bestival is a cornucopia of experiences for young and old, it's been put together as an event for everyone and that's not an easy trick to get right. And if it all gets a bit much and you just want somewhere to kick back and chill, well there's something for that too. Just don't forget the suncream!!

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pics Billy Bragg & Ethan Ash


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Camp Bestival 2012

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