Fatea Showcase Sessions
Winter 2013 - Brushstrokes

Fatea Showcases is proud to announce the launch of the Fatea Showcase Session Winter 13:Brushstrokes featuring 16 absolutely fantastic acts:

01. Anto Morra - The Ballad Of Anto Morra
02. Ange Hardy - Mother Willow Tree
03. Harry Harris - She Can Build Me A River
04. The Foxglove Trio - Newry Town
05. Roxanne de Bastion - The Real Thing
06. Alex Highton - You’ve Got The Trees
07. Paul J Openshaw - Crop Circles
08. Little Sparrow - Sending The Message
09. Grassoline - Waltzing Alone
10. Tiki Black - Listen
11. Gavin Davenport - Jim Jones Of Botany Bay
12. Stylusboy - Eyes Form Tears
13. Poplar Jake - See See Mama
14. The Drystones - The Cuckoo’s Nest
15. Nick Rooke - Jericho Wales
16. Stick In The Wheel - Champion At Keeping Them Rolling

"Brushstrokes" is the 23rd download in the Fatea Showcase Sessions series. The download is available from http://www.fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk from 00:15 on the 1st of November, until 23:55 on January 31st 2014

The download comes to you at no charge. Support the artists involved by listening to the download and then more of their songs, buying their albums, going to their gigs, writing about them on Facebook etc.

Original watercolour courtesy of Sarah Bibra

Fatea Showcase Sessions

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are a series of downloads featuring acts that we've really enjoyed and think that more people should get the chance to hear.
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