Antun OpicAntun Opic
Album: No Offense
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

With roots in both Germany and Croatia Antun Opic has a rich musical history to draw upon and there are aspects of both in his music, but in fairness, there is more a Balkan/Gypsy Jazz element that comes through than a central European sound, what surprised me was that he chose to record the album in English. Even as he sang his first word on "Hospital" the opening track I was still expecting it to be, well not English.

Once you get over that initial shock, it does start making more sense, giving "No Offense", ironically, a more multi-national feel than it might otherwise have had. It also makes the album difficult to pin down. You can't decide if Antun is a lonely figure that flirts with the people that come into his life or a gregarious people person that occasionally seeks out his own company.

As with most of the times you hear the phrase, "No Offense" you're then given the opportunity to listen to something that has the potential to offend. Opic would appear to be a bit of a deep thinker able to reflect on not just the world around him, but in general, whilst at the same time maintaining a distance from it.

There are times when you feel him to be almost the person you don't want to sit next to you when he gets on the bus ranting about the things you know are wrong with the world, but are able to tolerate because it's easier and that you know you should do something about. Ultimately you can't decide if it's him you don't like or the uncomfortable truth he forces on you.

"No Offense" is a great sounding album, but not one that is easy to listen to. Anton Opic would appear to be an interesting and complex character, he certainly knows how to put a song, but "No Offense" really ?

Neil King

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