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Zoe WrenZoe Wren
Album: She's A Highway Man
Label: Folkstock
Tracks: 1

This reviewer first saw Zoe Wren on the Cobham's Common stage at Cambridge Folk Festival in 2016, she impressed with a mature and classy performance. Wind forward two years (plus graduation, countless gigs and a debut EP), and this single is a taster from the new EP release.

Produced by Lauren Deakin Davies, the song, is a wistful waltz, a tale of a restless and independent soul, and swings along with an almost transatlantic swagger. The song is written by Wren herself on the traditional Sovay/Cecilia theme, but with a contemporary flourish.

Wren's voice is full and evocative, there are shades of loss and sorrow, she sounds mature beyond her years. The performance is framed by a simple acoustic arrangement, with Wren herself on guitar and BVs, backed by mandolin and bass.

Wren has been making waves for the last view years, supporting Ralph McTell, Gigspanner and Jim Causley amongst others. She recently completed a music degree at Cambridge University, and this release launches her professional career. The EP, 'Gold and Smoke', is due for release next spring.

Laura Thomas