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Yvonne McDonnellYvonne McDonnell
Album: Not Her Own
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

An EP with a title like this gives you a very easy in, because this EP is very much Yvonne McDonnell's own and all the power to her for it. It's also a very easy in because opening track "I'm Not This Layer Of Skin", not only nails the theme of this EP, but also opens up the release like a can opener rips tin.

McDonnell immediately exposes herself as a far more than about the superficial writer, she wants to make you think, wants to make you take the time to really explore both narrative and melody, something that is well worth the effort.

If I only had one word to describe "Not Her Own" it would be fresh, with breezy following behind very quickly, but fortunately I have a lexicon opening up for me and it would seem Yvonne McDonnell did the same and knows how to arrange them to create songs that you want to come back to.

There is a confidence in her music, one that comes from being comfortable that they are able to walk the walk they've set themselves and deliver songs that not only entertain, but also have depth enough to get beyond the ease of accessibility that can sell an artist short.

With Yvonne McDonnell we are definitely seeing the emerging of a highly talented artist, one that is not only radio friendly, but also able reach to more reflective souls. "Not Her Own" sets out a clear path, one that may not be easy, but it will take you and Yvonne to interesting places together. Definitely one to add to your collection and cherish.

Neil King