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Winter Wilson Winter Wilson
Album: Far Off On The Horizon
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

The hardest punch comes from within the velvet glove and "Far Off On The Horizon" the new album from Winter Wilson is a very fine velvet glove indeed. Whilst youth burns the fire of revolution with the fuel of optimistic hope, there is often more truth in penned in observation fuelled by bitter experience. Add in an ability to be able to sell an idea in two to five minutes and you have an album that is potent indeed.

Winter Wilson themselves were reborn on a wave a necessity driven by redundancy, a stark choice between being a washed-up flotsam and jetsam on a rocky shore or turning against the tide and taking their chances in the rough seas. Kip Winter and Dave Wilson, chose the latter, turned their part time folk duo into a full-time career and haven't look back since.

Word of mouth turned into reviews in national newspapers, growing recognition and an increasing appreciation of their songs with more other singers picking up on their well penned songs. "Far Off On The Horizon" is actually album number eight, the third since they turned fully professional.

The duo has always been prolific writers and have a real feel for songs, knowing what a song needs to bring out the best in it. "Far Off On The Horizon", is their most eclectic to date, walking through folk, country and blues, binding it all together with a combination of great harmonies and deceptively simple accompaniment.

This is an album that gets you many times, be it a simple riff, or a really powerful lyric. "Ghost" features the line "From a girl to a ghost in eighteen years." In the context, I think it's one of the strongest lines I've heard in a few years, really harrowing, that hard punch again and don't get me started on "I Cannot Remain".

The velvet glove is just how easy it is to listen to this album, the hooks and melodies draw you in and compel you to listen as surely as if they had recruited an infamous pied piper. Make no mistake this is an album that is sharp in all but sound, harmony sings about disharmony, but not without nods towards the brighter things in life. Winter Wilson have landed another, right on the bridge of the nose, this is not an album that's easy to ignore.

Neil King