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Winter WilsonWinter Wilson
Album: Ashes And Dust
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 13
Website: http://

Winter Wilson, Kip Winter & Dave Wilson if you want to get a bit more familiar, are commonly described as a folk duo and it's true they are, but in a strange juxtaposition they take both the broad spectrum analysis and the narrow band.

Broad spectrum because whist the genre they play is folk, they take a fast and loose attitude to it that allows them to define it rather than it define them. Whilst you can pick up hints of the tradition, you can feel as much contemporary input in their sound, all aided and abetted by a multi instrumental approach and vocal duties that sees each of them appearing separately and in glorious harmony.

Narrow band, because they are sharp, observational and reaching into the heart of a song with such focus, regardless of it being one of their more political or personal numbers, you know that Winter Wilson will get you into the core of the song.

One of the reasons for that is that Dave Wilson is such a good songwriter, as well as being a prolific one, having penned pretty much the whole of their seven album repertoire, but as you know, the writing of the song is only half the story with delivery making up the other half and hear Winter Wilson deliver the rich harvest.

"Ashes And Dust" is not an album that pulls no punches, the title of the album and the track it's derived from is based on the Jack London quote about being burnt out by a lifestyle and the question of that being better or worse than going quietly to your grave.

The songs are mainly contemporary and even where a title makes you think you are going to go down a more traditional path, you find yourself in something more recent and more personal.

Winter Wilson have a touch of the prolific about them, but when prolific's this good, more please.

Neil King