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Will Pound & Eddy JayWill Pound & Eddy Jay
Album: Ignite
Label: Concertone
Tracks: 11

This is an album of pure musical magic - a tour-de-force which sees two fine musicians at the peak of their powers and firmly in the spotlight.

Will Pound has made the harmonica his own in recent years with several partnerships and this latest outing with top accordion player Eddy Jay is no exception.

It's been two and half years since Will released his amazing A Cut Above album which made people sit up and listen to his stunning muscianship.

Now he has topped that with his latest efforts.

This is an album of musical mayhem, tramping across reels, bluegrass, swing, polkas and just about every traditional format.

The sparks fly from the off. Floating the Candle is a breathless opening track which leaves you almost gasping for air with its impressive technical prowess and sheer joi de vie!

Now an album of instrumental tunes may not be the most accessible but this is one that should most definitely be on any discerning listeners list.

Every tune is a joy. And such is the strength and depth there will be something for everyone.

The wonderful musicality is something that stands out - whether on the intricate Hangman, the Cinch Mountain Backstep, or the Scandinavian tune, Eklundapolksa No 3 - you will be quite literally blown away.

Eddy's superlative accordion playing provides a lovely percussive background to Will's harmonica fireworks.

There are tunes inspired by recent events - Richard111 - is one, to tunes by renowned players, such as Andy Cutting's Flatworld.

The album ends with a Balkan tune, Rachenitsa, and it's an appropriately explosive ending to this great collection of music.

These two boys certainly enjoyed themselves in making this album and it shows.

Ignite is one of the best albums I have listened to in along time. Highly recommended.

John Knighton