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Wilful MissingWilful Missing
Album: Unsinkable Sailor
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Yorkshire's forgotten men, who were out pedalling Noah + the Whale hipster folk long before others beards were stubble let alone the full lumberjack. Their bright airy Nu-folk is as only the British can do; smart, erudite and constructed like a pre Beeching railway station - robust, solid, made to last. It's an emotionally engaging record, there is an all pervasive feeling of outpouring.

It's not all hipster cool, it's got skippy sunshine tunes, festival favourites I would guess, 'Bright Moon Rising' is a crowd pleaser, and here and elsewhere there is more than a nod to world music, and I keep bringing Johnny Clegg 90's records to mind.

Like Clegg it is a record that makes you better for hearing it, the core theme of the environment, both its value and how we interact with it really chime. It is the perfect record for now, emerging from the new growth of spring, winter slumber cast aside, throwing our doors open and letting the sunlight stream in - an album that is the perfect soundtrack for the transition to summer.

Four years in the making and a new drummer in tow, the albums sleeve with green leaves emerging seems to capture its mood a band reinvigorated, and extra maturity, it is one of the best albums of this ilk for a good few years. Rosie Doonan guests to lift the record again to a level that should mean it features on many lists for the best of 2016. I've listened to it solidly for a week now, and there is no mood, no situation that it won't enliven or improve - an album for every occasion, wonderful.

Rudie Humphrey