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Whiskey Shivers Whiskey Shivers
Album: Some Part Of Something
Label: DevilDuck
Tracks: 13
.The Austin five-piece describe their music as "thrashgrass", which, roughly translated is a punky take on bluegrass, although trad Appalachian fiddle and banjo tune opener 'Cluck Ol' Hen' is more a swampy blues stomp. The trash kicks in on the adrenalised 'Like A Stone' and the slightly more yeehaw feel of 'Long Gone', but, as it turns out, while they may have a jaunty banjo strummed break-up track titled 'F*** You' and 'No Pity in the Rose City' is headlong breakneck speedgrass number, albeit with a slowed down middle passage, they're not that radical, indeed, their fiddle laced cover of bluegrass standard 'Red Rocking Chair' is firmly in the mainstream.

But if you don't approach this through the prism of labelling, then you can simply enjoy the energy, exuberance and the skilled playing on display, particular highlights being the twangy fingerpicked 'Liquor, Beer, Wine & Ice', their fiddle and banjo arranged lilting front porch cover of Daniel Johnston's 'True Love (Will Find You in the End)' and, especially, a glorious hoe down romp through The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love'. Pour a shot.

Mike Davies