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Wakey WakeyWakey Wakey
Album: Overreactivist
Label: End
Tracks: 12

Dynamic contrasts, soaring strings, thudding bass, plaintive piano and an incredible voice. Welcome to the world of Wakey Wakey, Welcome to the world of Brooklyn based Michael Grubbs an indie pop artist who sold over 50,000 copies of his debut album "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You".

On this, his follow up we are treated to songs about love, relationships, about life. Our heartstrings are tugged as we feel his pain, sink into his sadness and experience his joy. These are well crafted songs. For those of us of a certain age there's songmanship that reminds of early Deacon Blue, there's a nod to "Chariots Of Fire" in style if not intent.

For me the standout tracks are the epically emotional "Cruel You", followed by "Big Town Love" a drop dead gorgeous view of love the second time round, if only.

"Light And Nothing More" moves into the ground occupied by Glen Hansards Swell Season "There is nothing more important to me than you". You believe in every single word. Beautiful stuff.

For everybody there is an accessibility to the music, an association that is easily made as Wakey Wakey take us to places we have been emotionally, even if in this aged reviewers eyes a long time ago.

Now signed to The End Records USA, Wakey Wakey is touring the new record that has been over fifteen months in the making, as the press release quotes "It's been a crazy few years for me, at times really amazing and at times really tough," he says, "I took all of that and poured it into this new album. I've returned to my roots in every way imaginable, and as a result, some amazing things are happening!"

Why not check Wakey, Wakey out, their touring schedule begins in Glasgow on March 6th.

Ian Cripps