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Vision Thing Vision Thing
Album: Lights
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Vision Thing are a five piece out fit who have been treading the board's to great reviews for some time now "Lights" is the latest offering from this outfit. So lets see what is on offer.

The opening track is "Driiving into the Sun" a slow melodic offering that easies the listener into the album. It is a road trip that leads you to pastures new giving a glimpse of what is to come on this journey into sound.

Leading on from this is "Global State Of Mind" which is a tale of exploration not only physical but mental and spiritual as well. The song contains a line which really struck a chord with me "I wasn't looking for Atlantis Nor a new route to the Pole,Nothing high up on the mountains,But something deep down in my soul". I found myself not only uncontrollable tapping my foot but thinking about the meaning of the words which I am sure will have different meanings to everyone who listens to the album.

"Lights" is the next track and in the spirit of the album is a melodic track about how we need each other for support, knowledge and friendship. Again this song made me think of people who have wandered into my life and left some leaving an everlasting mark overs just a fleeting memory but they came and went for a reason. Leading on from this is "Who Knows Where The Time Goes". A change of singer for this song, it features the wonderfully atmospheric voice of Cherlene Walmsley. Again a song that provokes images to swirl in minds eye of listener. For me me the song reminds me of a bird catching up drafts and drifting in the sky swooping and soaring with the breeze.

Up next is "Sunday Morning" and as the title suggests it captures that moment when you wake on a warm summers Sunday Morning with the light streaming in through the window as you shake off the slumber from the night before and your eyes and mind slowly flicker back into life with fractured images and thoughts sweeping across them. "Living With Ghosts" is about the baggage we all carry with us and how we deal with it. It is like the rest of the album a beautifully simple track with no thrills but haunting wonderful.

Next up is "Man In The Long Black Coat" a cover of the Bob Dylan classic. This is followed by "Star Of Hope" a song about loss and how we cope with it. In this case it is about some ship but the Star Of Hope could be a metaphor for a loved one or something else precious to the listener. Up next is "Love Is The Only Law" s song about how the emotion of love affects us all and the turmoil and emotions it causes in all of us.

The last track on the album is "On My Mind" which is trip into a person's thoughts and emotions that are stirred when away from a loved and how they can suddenly breakthrough all other thoughts and emotions .

The album as a whole is a wonderful offering that takes the listener in a melodic haunting and at times emotional journey on which I did one was more than happy to take. So get yourself a copy put it in your CD player and take this enjoyable and thought provoking trip believe me you will not regret it.

Andy Chamberlain