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Vetiver Vetiver
Album: Up On High
Label: Loose
Tracks: 10

Up On High is Vetiver's seventh album, though the first under the Loose Music label, and it may just be their best. With the talents of Andy Cabic front and centre, the San Francisco formed band have taken their folk roots and given it a bit of a polished pop sheen. Written on acoustic guitar as Cabic was moving around a fair bit, it was then given a little additional life in the high desert of California with the organic intimacy of friends playing music together on the floor.

The album is full of moments of quiet beauty, with Cabic's vocals providing an incredible warmth and comfort. There's plenty of poetry in the lyrics too, with a slightly jaded yet optimistic outlook, and a touch of wry humour throughout. There's a real consistency to the entire record, the very definition of all killer, no filler. To Who Knows Where was the first single, but really any of these tracks is strong enough to have been released in that way.

This is the type of album where everyone will have a different favourite song, and every song is a highlight. Swaying is worth picking out, a radio friendly joyous track full of soul which can't help but lift your mood. Wanted, Never Asked is another that lifts the album to even higher heights. Filigree drifts you along through a pleasant musical miasma, Cabic's hushed tones inducing a state of sheer relaxation.

To call this the ultimate weekend morning album would seem like damning it with faint praise, but such is the quality on display in every track, I can think of few albums I'd rather wake up to. It's a record for every season, whether the sun is streaming through the window, or you're wrapped up warm against the winter frost. Up On High is guaranteed to make you feel snug, lifted, and ready to face the world.

Adam Jenkins