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Velvet & StoneVelvet & Stone
Album: Raise Your Ghosts/Embers
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 2

It's been a couple of years since I came across Velvet & Stone, supporting Reg Meuross and Jess Vincent in Exeter. It was a short set, but it was clear that they had an immense talent, and belonged on a bigger stage. Since then there have been changes, Holly having left the band to travel, and Roger Styles and Barry Muir have since joined Lara Snowden and Kathryn Tremlett. What Raise Your Ghosts and Embers shows is that the band have become a little more polished, a little less raw, but just as enthralling.

The double A-side is a taster for their new EP, coming out in October, and follows on from last years, The Storm. Their folk roots are still very much on display, but it is mixed with a fantastic indie sound. Lara's vocals have always been a focal point, and they are just as gorgeous and filled with warmth as always. The band do more than just support her voice though, and these songs soar, especially Embers which is surely set to garner the band a lot of attention.

Given that these singles are going to be a big part of the EP, some may want to wait another couple of months and pick that up instead. For those that don't decide to wait, you'll have a treat on your hands with these songs. The EP might just arrive in time to replace the singles worn out from being played too much.

Adam Jenkins