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Una Healy Una Healy
Album: The Waiting Game
Label: Decca
Tracks: 12

Irish singer and songwriter Una Healy came to prominence in 2008 as a member of the five girl group The Saturdays. Very popular in her homeland, Una also appeared on the "Voice of Ireland" as a judge in 2014. As The Saturdays are currently resting, to use the show business terminology, Una decided to write and record her first full solo album. "The Waiting Game" is the result!

Fans of The Saturdays expecting this album to be on similar lines to the band's offerings, may be slightly disappointed. However fans of modern country Nashville influenced music will love it. This is the second consecutive female country artist album that I have reviewed and ironically both of them have included a duet with Cornish born Sam Palladio. He of the Nashville TV series fame!

The Waiting Game is a delight from first track to last. Opening with "Battlelines" a perfect choice for the first track, the album continues in its slightly formulaic but delightful country passage. The duet with Sam Palladio "Stay My Love" is superb and just a little bit of a tear jerker. Their voices are made for each other and the harmony is outstanding. For my money, this is the stand out track on the album and a natural contender for a single.

"SOS" will have you tapping your feet and quite possibly joining in with Una. Una has a real sensitivity and innocence to her voice and this is most obvious in "Please Don't tell Me." "Angel Like You" was used in the motion picture "Mum's List" about a dying mother. Perhaps not the cheeriest of subjects but this song captures perfectly the emotion of leaving a loved one. Its simple acoustic guitar backing perfectly matches the lyrics. A song full of love, feeling and sentiment! The listener will do well to have a box of Kleenex close by.

Overall, this a terrific debut solo album by a very talented young lady. Her voice has more than a hint of Alison Krauss at times which is most definitely no bad thing. Although a couple of the tracks at times drift towards a more pop type genre, it is always a very listenable offering delivered by a story teller and songwriter of genuinely emotional music. Make no mistake, this is a classy album from a classy lady. A songwriter who also knows when it is best to cooperate with other writers that complement her own talents! An absolute delight from the opening bars to the final fading emotional note from Una's voice.

Rory Stanbridge