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Tin Heart TroubadoursTin Heart Troubadours
Album: Folk Tales (EP)
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

Tin Heart Troubadours is a Norfolk-based trio of old friends Nigel Orme, Steve Clark and Clare Pastorius coming together to play what they describe as "American parlour folk music". And when you hear it, well yes it's easy to hear what that might mean. Dobro, guitar and cello chug along to introduce Travelling Medicine Show (tho' I can't help finding the opening melodic phrase a little too damnably naggingly familiar…).

The convivial tall-tale-telling mood continues with the stomping hoedown of The Song Of The Nightingale, then the pace slackens and the mood becomes more reflective and questioning with Waterfall before reaching for the upbeat for the rollicking EP closer telling of The Wreck Of The Nancy Louise (which unfortunately is swamped by sound effects).

This is an appealing enough disc, with some fine playing and singing and plenty of good ideas, but it doesn't quite convince me yet that there's a fully-formed musical vision in there.

David Kidman