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The Rising The Rising
Album: Moving On
Label: Renegade Maverick
Tracks: 10

Not to be confused with any Springsteen tribute band, although it's from that album they take their name and the Boss figures high on the list of influences, this is a Belfast trio comprising guitarist Chris Logan and bassist Brian Mellors with Chantelle McAteer on vocals. A follow-up to their 2014 debut, it ably lives up the blurb that describes them as "blending fresh-faced Pop/Rock with Modern Country Stylings fresh from Nashville", though thankfully without being as blandly generic as that makes them sound.

Among the influences, they also list Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, and these make themselves apparent from the get go with the upbeat title track opener, filtered perhaps through an Americana dash of The Corrs and it's a sound that anchors the album as a whole, heading into 'Forgive and Forget' and 'With You' both underpinned by a solid drum beat provided by Chris Brush and the sort of guitar sound that affords a straight pass to the mainstream country radio airwaves.

With 'Back To Me' a frisky barroom toe tapper and 'Reasonable' a more driving dose of Chantilly country pop boogie complete with Jerry Lee Lewis piano frills from John McCullough, the overall pacing is up or mid-tempo pacings, but they also have a anthem styled ballads in clutch of Rebound and, a particular highlight, 'Even The Stars Fall For You'.

If you're looking for reservations then, yes, McAteer's voice can edge to the shrill at times and it could do with a broader range of colours while numbers like 'Love Is' and the overextended near six-minute closer 'Roundabouts' are a tad on the plodding side, but, generally speaking, they have what it takes to hold a jaded Nashville bar audience in their pocket without someone turning on the jukebox

Mike Davies