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The Remedy Club The Remedy Club
Album: True Hand True Heart
Label: High Flying Disc
Tracks: 10

From the ragged guitar that opens "Sweet Symphony" TRUE HAND TRUE HEART comes off the ropes punching and lunging with all the whine and swaggering fire of Steve Earle. Irish husband and wife duo Aileen and KJ's voices blend perfectly, covering the high and low notes between them. KJ's guitar has the punch of Earle's "Transcendental Blues". This, their latest album was recorded in Nashville and produced by 5 times Grammy award winning producer Ray Kennedy and forget all that stuff about coals to Newcastle, because this album is a solid gold winner, a perfect marriage between musicians and their spiritual home. "True Hand True Heart" has that County Rock N Roll twang and energy, again the pair's vocals are perfect with soulful harmonica from Rory Hoffman. "Fire And Gasoline" is a head down on the bar, glass half empty song, full of bruised pride and regret. KJ Mcevoy's vocal carries the "so what" swagger of the story while Aileen interjects a note of regret. "Let The Good Times Roll" is another song about that uncomfortable mix of pain and pleasure. The duo's harmonising vocals are tight and spot on and Hoffman's piano and David Murphy's pedal steel bring a touch of bar band schmooze that is perfect. "Reclaim" has anger and fire with a charged rock vocal from Aileen and Hoffman's organ and KJ's guitar solo adding some early 70s rock grit on this anthemic song and performance.

"I Got You" is a wonderful love song, part Sonny and Che, part Tom Petty jangle with fine vocals from Aileen and KJ, both together and apart. Sultry, almost jazzy is the slow ballad "Time Won't Wait For Me", delicate piano is balanced against some huge guitar chords and Aileen's smouldering-fragile vocal. "I Survived" is an air punching triumphantly sticking two fingers song, delivered with vim and conviction. "Seeing You Again" opens with retro slow burn guitar chords and a measured country vocal on this classic torch song of seperation and loss. "Taste Of Gold" ends the album with a shuffle beat sweet County duet, a song of reconciliation and weary experience. It's a song to played over film closing credits, as the singers affirm their love with emotion.

The Remedy Club, are the sound of a dark all wood roadhouse club, they can swagger with Rock torque and power, they can smoulder like Twin Peaks dark mutant Country their voices blend telepathically and cook individually as the songs demand. The title sounds part triumphant and part indicative of resolve and intent, in which I for one cannot to hear the next chapter.

Marc Higgins