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The PosiesThe Posies
Album: Solid States
Label: Lojinx
Tracks: 12

Once feted as the next great thing to come out of the Pacific north west, The Posies were contemporaries of Nirvana, shared rehearsal space with them for a while and were signed to Geffen just before Kurt et al took off for Planet Panic. They notched up a couple of minor hits in the 90s, had songs on films including Reality Bites and The Basketball Diaries, looked all serious and recorded with REM, but somehow forget to write the killer-diller tune that would cement their place in rock history.

A decade or so ago Posies mainstays Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow got the band back together, made a pretty decent noise and set their sights on longevity by releasing a brace of meat-and-two-veg melodic post-grunge rock records in Blood/Candy and Every Kind of Light.

Sadly, drummer Darius Minwalla died suddenly last year, followed by former bassist Joe Skyward earlier this year, leaving Auer and Stringfellow to pick up the pieces and mend their broken hearts the only way they knew how - by tuning up and plugging in.

The results make for a steadfast album of forward-looking, well aged rock 'n' roll power pop, big on harmonies, even bigger on major/minor chord changes and almost great in a few places - Squirrel vs Snake is an unlikely title but a great little number, while the feisty opener We R Power lives up to its title by being just that.

Rollercoaster Zen and Unlikely Places go for moody tunesmithery over raw power, but are none the poorer for that. On the flip side, M Doll and The Definition made me wince with their dodgy lyrics and unwelcome synth interjections, but Titanic gets us back on track with an unfussy display of all that's good about The Posies.

Nick Churchill