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The O's The O's
Album: Honeycomb
Label: Punch Five
Tracks: 12

Despite being apostrophe-challenged (The O's what?), the Dallas duo of John Pedigo and Taylor Young have a grammatically sound musical approach, basically upbeat acoustic rootsy folk pop built around banjo and guitar. This is their fourth album and again jogs merrily along on catchy melodies and harmonies, kicking things off with the template-setting, harmonica-coloured "Fourteen Days", a number which ably supports those Lovin' Spoonful jug band comparisons, though perhaps a Texas Proclaimers might be more apt. There's no major deviations throughout the dozen tracks, though the steady stomps of "Go Slow", "Running On Fumes" and "Halfway Sideways" are a slightly noisier affairs, bluegrass affiliations making their presence felt on "Burning Red" and the chugging "Retribution".

There's a quality consistence throughout, but pushed to make choices I'd single out the album opener and the easy rolling, chorus friendly second cut, "Medicine", with its banjo and slide, as the highlights alongside "Woken Up", a steel stained alt-country ballad that sees them joined by Justin Currie. "All we got is three chords and the truth", they say, borrowing the Harlan Howard quote. And that's Honeycomb's bees' knees

Mike Davies