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The Magic Es The Magic Es
Album: It Goes On
Label: Oh Mercy
Tracks: 9

Serendipity has had a huge role to play in rock and roll history, and it was a fortuitous garden wedding that led to the formation of The Magic Es. The trio of Pete Thompson, Stuart Catchpole and Phil Woods were performing at a friend's wedding in the garden of Jasper Stainthorpe, former bassist for Then Jericho. After sharing stories about their various musical adventures, influences and aspirations, the band was formed.

The album is a nicely raw affair, with a liberal amount of grit thrown in for good measure, giving it more of a sense of authenticity than you get from a more polished offering. It is also unashamedly a rock and roll album that wears its soul on its sleeves. Opening track One Shot, the single that came out last August, is a perfect example of rock and roll at its best. It is high energy, belts along with gusto, and lends itself well to singing along at high volume. Running Scared and Melody Jane are likewise great rock and roll tracks.

The second half of the album changes subtly into something with a little more pop to it. Heroes especially feels like a combination of Feeder and Stereophonics, it is a little smoother and with less of that raw power. I Just Wanted To Tell You is the pick of the second half, a post-grunge indie rock classic that stands up with anything from the turn of the millennium.

It Goes On is a really pleasurable listen, and you can sense how much fun it was to record. In fact that fun seeps out of every track. Raw but perfectly formed, anyone with even a passing love of rock is going to find a lot to love here.

Adam Jenkins