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The Last Dinosaur The Last Dinosaur
Album: The Nothing
Label: Niam
Tracks: 10

One from the fertile imaginings of Jamie Cameron, addressing a tragic event from his teenage years, 'The Nothing' comes as a sort of cathartic therapy. Teaming up with Luke Hayden as The Last Dinosaur, itself a poignant image, Cameron has come to terms with his life experiences, songs amassed over time which address his own grief and thoughts of death and dying.

Writing about what he knows and writing about his experiences of losing a close friend in a tragic accident, a shattering blow to an idyllic life, seems almost at odds with what emerges as a simply beautiful and tranquil album of music and songs. Acoustic and string drenched Elbow-like atmospheres with a healthy respect for a stark style that screams less is more, 'The Nothing' has been described as "elegiac" which defines the album pretty much in a single word. The melancholic trail currently blazed by the likes of Tim Bowness and his childhood love of REM and Talk Talk all play their influential part in shaping the compositions.

The opening 'Atoms' and pastoral Summery mood of 'Grow' set a tone for the forty minutes to come. They evolve into the mid paced 'The National Stage' before the stunning hymn-like presence of 'All My Faith' complete with angelic voices declaring "you will be loved" as the music drifts in a calming and idyllic state. Stirrings of ambience contrast with the saxophone on 'We'll Greet Death' giving a jazzy feel to the general dreamy flow.

Over seven years in the making, the album provides not just a tribute, but an unlikely and mature optimism. Despite its origins and evolution, 'The Nothing' emerges as an ultimately uplifting and compelling outpouring.

Mike Ainscoe