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The Hydes The Hydes
Album: Green & Blue
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Here we go the The Hydes album Green & Blue. I will be the first to admit I had never come across them before so a little about them. They are a brother and sister out fit from Colorado who are Joanna and her brother Iain.

The opening track is Along The Saint Vrain a wonderfully up beat offering on the fiddle and sets the mood perfectly for what is to come. This is followed by the title track Green & Blue which does slow things down a bit. It has a very Irish lullaby feel to the song as it sways through your head and swirls around the room.

Up next is Lands End which returns to the feel of the opening track with is toe tapping energetic fiddle playing that conjures up images of dancers swirling around a room in rural Ireland or a barn in the mid west of America. From here the mood is mellowed for the next track Sweet Bride a wonderful blend of soulful lyric and beautiful music that tells a story of love and marriage in a bygone age.

River Run is up next and is about the journey of life with its twists and turns like a river with its high points, low points and of course it's rapids. The lyrics and music blend wonderfully to produce a beautiful journey. From the journey of life you as the title suggests The Milky Way takes you to a place full of wonder and possibly. Close your eyes and drift with the music whether that be through the vastness of space or on a breeze. Then all of a sudden you are caught in an up draft and find your self being tossed around in the wonderful fiddle induced piece of turbulence which leads you onwards swirling, rising, dropping until you come to rest at the end of the track refreshed and wanting more.

More is what you get at a slower pace. Muddy Water is a track tinged with sorrow about everyday life and all it brings. Honey dripping lyrics couple with soul filled guitar chords. Keeping with the slower pace comes a babbling brook of a song Finn On A Lark. The song remains me of a the clear waters of the brook bubbling over pebbles rushing and gurgling then slowing into Sun drenched pools with fish basking in the warm rays of the Sun.

Cooper's dovetails perfectly with the previous track. It is a bit more energetic and has a feel of an Irish jig to it. Try not tapping foot is all I will say.

Blues folk blues. That's it, wow what an unexpected surprise gone is the folk bluegrass feel of the previous tracks and in comes Nothing Can Change This Love and what a little nugget and an excellent way to close the album with a smile on your face.

In conclusion what can I say apart from really enjoyed this offering and it is well worth putting in your player and laying back and listening to. It is a perfect mixture of Irish folk and American genres such as bluegrass that have produced a wonder sound . So go on give it a whirl.

Andy Chamberlain