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The FrisbysThe Frisbys
Album: The Cause
Label: Dantobaccus
Tracks: 6

The Frisbys are an alternative folk/country band from South London, fronted by twin sisters Helen and Nicola Frisby. They've been singing together at home from a very early age, improvising and arranging songs they heard around them, with an uncanny ability to create close harmonies while recognising that their individual voices are intrinsically very different from each other. This special gift was apparent on their debut (2013) EP Philosolove, and first came to my attention through the EP's title track appearing on the Fatea Showcase Sessions in 2014.

Last November, this new EP's initial pair of tracks was released as a single; the enchanting, reassuringly supportive Give In To The Dark sports a delicate melody line and sensitive slide guitar accompaniment that ushers in a gleaming string arrangement, whereas in contrast Born And Raised employs a more expansive band sound (adding bass and drums to the core flute and guitar) that recalls Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac.

Of the remaining songs, Lines cradles the gently agonised girls' voices with further harmonies from friends Sam Keer and Marc Robinson and moves to a rock-out electric conclusion; the driving rhythms and soaring violin lines of Lowering The Grace provide a perhaps illogical brand of solace; the tremblingly earthy piano-backed confessional Waves put me a little in mind of Carole King; and closing track The Cause imparts a haunting, eerily pounding setting to its perceptive lyric.

My only reservation with this set is that the vocals could do with a touch more presence, as the words sometimes get lost in the music. But on this evidence, The Frisbys sure have a promising future.

David Kidman

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