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The Felice BrothersThe Felice Brothers
Album: Life In The Dark
Label: YepRoc
Tracks: 9

It sounds like a terrible brag, but I swear its true, Bank holiday weekend I was dancing with Cale Tyson's Mom & Pop in a working men's club in York, when Mr Tyson Snr. lent in to me and said "you know the Felice Brothers? Cale got us into them, they're a really great band". If you want a recommendation of what to listen to, then the father of a surely soon to be alt country star, and a dentist from Fort Worth is a pretty good start.

Mr Tyson Snr is a pretty good judge, this is the sound of a great band really falling in-line, raised, somewhat unconventionally in upstate New York, semi feral in the back woods the brothers Felice, back then with Simone, who's now ploughing his own furrow, this album sees them reflect some of the life in their approach to music.

A jangly, jumble of a record, ramshackled, and shabby, it's everything I hoped it would be, and a lot more besides. Reminisant of The Band, the songs meander, spreading out before you, an album to laze to, to be still awhile to, a warm day swinging in a hammock of a record.

Recorded in a rented garage the two remaining Felices' are joined by Greg Farley on fiddle and Josh Rawson on bass, the four create a beautiful, hypnotic tramp through intelligent Americana, making you feel good to be alive and oh so glad that music , proper music like this exists.

Rudie Humphrey