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Teenage Fanclub Teenage Fanclub
Album: Here
Label: PEMA
Tracks: 12

There is an incredible feeling of wellness zapping from my speakers - The 'Fannies' are back. Norm's gang blend the Marychain and the Beach Boys, vitamin D dosed out using guitars, sunshine in minor chords.

Fanclub are the undisputed kings of jangly Byrdsy pop, this is no different, it is an uncomplicated formula; multilayer vocals, soaring guitars, heavy on the strum, and chorus pedals set to bright and sunny. Like every Fannies record, 'Here' makes you feel the first flushes of teenage love, welling shyness, giggly nerves, sweaty palms and that beautiful flutter in your heart all at once - it is the sound of being 16, every time.

No song can make you feel down, no song can make your mood grey - 'Here' is an album that can just make everything ok, using six strings. Like all their records there are the odd cloud across the sun moment, a dappling effect on the normally brilliant solar rays, but it's an album so majestically built that life under their parasol is nothing to object about. It offers some sage advice too, "hold on to your dreams, don't get lost in their schemes"; this is a record for all those that love the Fannies and for those who don't to fall for them, if you want to know which is which, long-time fans wear denim wherever they go…………………….

Rudie Humphrey