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Taylorville Taylorville
Album: Sugar In The Wound
Label: Mother Of Pearl
Tracks: 11

This is Taylorville's 2nd album, recorded at Colin Taylor's studio near Glasgow, produced by Ed Buller (known for his work with Suede and Pulp) and mastered by Pete Maher (who has worked with U2, Rolling Stones and Jack White). The pedigree of the production team is clear when listening to this beautifully produced and arranged album. Taylorville is essentially Colin Taylor, working with long-time collaborator Paul Galvin and a loose collective of some of Scotland's finest musicians. Colin Taylor's song 'One Day', about how the world changed after 9/11 and written after dining at the World Trade Centre on the evening before 9/11, was championed by Johnny Walker. He was also asked to contribute to a US Nick Lowe tribute album alongside, amongst others, Ron Sexsmith and Caitlin Rose.

Although all the songs work well individually this album is clearly designed to work as a whole and as such should be listened to from start to finish. From the first track (Cherry pie) to the last track (Seminary Blues) the album keeps the listener engaged through wonderful melodic hooks and cleverly constructed lyrics.

The topics covered in the songs are diverse from secret addictions and manipulation in the opening track, Cherry Pie, to overreaction in All it needed (was a kiss), all handled with mature and complex lyrics. The sense of urgency and driving beat in songs such as 'Shipwrecked heart' and 'Muzzy' drive the album along and act as a foil to the slower racks such as 'Deadheaded the roses'. The album is completed with the laid back and melodic 'Seminary Blues' setting the listener back down gently.

Taylorville have produced an excellent acoustic pop album with lyrics reminiscent of the likes of Elvis Costello and The Waterboys. This lyrical familiarity, musical excellence and production make this a thoroughly enjoyable album which you will return to time and time again, and get something new from each time you listen to it.

David Hiney