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Stevie NimmoStevie Nimmo
Album: Sky Won't Fall
Label: Manhaton
Tracks: 10

Declaration "Sky Won't Fall" made on Glaswegian Stevie's second blues/rock solo album in six years, hardly surprising with punishing work schedule alongside brother Alan as The Nimmo Brothers, this latest recording frantically laid down over ten days between tour commitments. The quality of song-writing and musicianship shining through the haste, proof that with the right tools and attitude extensive studio and production time is not pre-requisite.

Brother Alan's fronted label-mate band King King finds drummer Wayne Procter on production duties at Nottingham's Superfly Studio on 10 songs of varying dynamics illustrating firm grasp of exemplary song-writing. Power trio line-up completed with Stevie's band-mates Craig Bacon on Drums & Matt Beable on bass.

"Sky Won't Fall" cry inside lyric to opening the rich blues/rock of 'Chains of Hope' together with 'Roll the Dice Again' master tone of feedback driving screaming guitar, the latter song applies Stevie's trademark wah-wah to great effect during the solo.

Whereas 2010's solo debut "The Wynds Of Life" was acoustic based, this outing a tour de force of electric led blues guitar epitomised by the charged 'Still Hungry' although soulful touch in the sobbing 'Running On Back To You'. 'Gamblers Roll' at first restrained guitar solo gradually sweeping in ferocity inhabits dark whisky bar rooms. The feel good summery 'Love Might Do Us Good' merits radio edit release to attract wider audience for ambidextrous vocalist, evidenced with Stevie's higher register vocal on 'Change' and gentle ballad on the closing emotive 'Love You More Tonight' written around the loss of a Grandmother.

Encompassing a broad range of music genre, radio friendly rock with Zeppelin licks, blues, country and acoustic. The pop-country of 'Walk The Thin Line' a deal clincher on catching current UK tour

Tony Wilding