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Stevie Jones and The WildfiresStevie Jones and The Wildfires
Album: Stratigraphic Heart
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Ideal circumstance ahead of solo performance in Coventry at The Big Comfy Bookshop to listen again to October 2015 soft release of 'Statigraphic Heart' by Stevie Jones and The Wildfires.

Initially available as digital/CD release to fans and pledgers, continuing trend among independent musicians to self-finance recordings and therefore retain more artistic control and greater monetary percentages. Tour (both solo and with The Wildfires) and national release expected during Spring 2016.

Hailing from Northamptonshire, together Stevie Jones and The Wildfires have sculptured an array of infectious self-penned songs much influenced by the John Butler Trio, The Clash, Frank Turner, Counting Crows and sliver of Ryan Adams.

Performed with either full band or stripped down acoustic, Stevie's songs are layers of honesty and urgency and draw on experiences ranging from abandoning alcohol and becoming "Straight Edge", earning a crust as a professional archaeologist and living life in the modern-day music industry. Debut album 'Stratigraphic Heart' has evolved during the last 12 months at Parlour Studios, Kettering with acclaimed producers Neil Haynes & Russ Russell and features an array of guests including New Model Army' lead guitarist, Marshall Gill.

Quick Q&A on social media with Stevie brings insight to 'Statigraphic Heart', title song descibed as being layers of himself. The different experiences, makings and survival of the man.

'25 Years' acknowledgement that change was due, his life in 2011 saw massive upheaval, quitting alcohol and closer self-analysis defining fresh comprehension.

Realisation of the energy in bands such as Fugazi, Minor Threat and Black Flag further driving home belief that music had been a spiritual path since his teenage years. 'This Is My Church' clear homage of the importance albums and gigs from the likes of The Clash, New Model Army and David Bowie.

Travelling to gigs was like a religious experience, reflected in train journeys across Europe and called upon in metaphor with song 'On That Road'.

Music remains Stevie's secondary job, his primary trade has been in archaeology where luckily he has found work in that field on and off for about the same time as music, sort of a parallel life for himself and his experiences, the amazing people sharing these adventures marking Stevie as who he is.

Music shares similarites with being on an archaeology site, where you have to dig deep and use your imagination to recreate something and visualise events that happened on a spot of earth, perhaps millennia ago – a bit like trying to picture together an experience created by a songwriter.

'Statigraphic Heart'includes other themes – falling in love, having a stupid crush or just dreamy summers on Chasing Rainbows and Plan B. Getting lost in the ether of the internet and the bizarre catfish world we live in via our often virtual relationships formed through social media are touched on with 'Instant World'.

Trying to cast aside people's negativity or destructive attitudes is another topic. 'Give It Back' and 'Today' is all about focus. The former could also be seen as a positive message or mantra in these times of greed and austerity – someone else I feel passionately about.

Finally the song 'Silver Spoon' is a story about austerity in the music industry – which now often seems to just enable those with enough money or family contacts to get noticed. 'Today' is a message with that in mind trying to put to the future one of positivity.

Tony Wilding