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Steve Ravensfield Steve Ravensfield
Album: Into The Next Life
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Following on swiftly from Broken Diamonds, his debut album released last year, Steve Ravensfield wastes no time tackling the difficult second album. In truth, Into The Next Life feels almost like a continuation of the debut album, as the two are quite similar in tone. Given Broken Diamonds was an impressively accomplished debut, this is certainly no bad thing, and it continues to walk the line between retro and modern.

The album kicks off with the rollicking Keep On Moving, which comes across as a modern hybrid of Tom Petty and Van Morrison. Heavy on harmonica at times, it's a real rhythm and blues treat, with the backing singing perfectly accompanying Ravensfield's vocals. You're The Light is a superb pop infused rock track, and some great electric melodies going on in the background that makes this a bit different and very enjoyable.

The title track has a slightly more traditionally rock sound, which makes such great use of Ravensfield's low and gravelly vocal delivery you almost expect his voice to give out. Highlight of the album has to be the superb If I Never Tell You Goodbye, which introduces a little more emotion, and gives us probably Ravensfield's best vocal performance. As with the opener, it also features some fantastic backing singing which helps elevate the song.

It's good to see there has been no drop in quality from the debut album, and once more there is not a duff track to be found. It's safe to say that if you enjoyed Broken Diamonds you will love Into The Next Life. Once again he takes the best bits from the classic/prog rock music from way back when, allowing them to filter through into his music while ensuring that they never quite sound like mere throwbacks. I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more from Steve Ravensfield.

Adam Jenkins