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Steve Ravensfield Steve Ravensfield
Album: Broken Diamonds
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 9

Broken Diamonds is the debut album from Midlands based singer songwriter Steve Ravensfield, and as debuts go, this one is impressively accomplished. While Steve's list of influences reads like a who's who of Seventies rock music, taking in the likes of Bowie, Zappa and Clapton, the one singer that sprang to mind as a comparison was Van Morrison. There's some gravel in his vocal style, giving this a real rhythm and blues feel at times.

The album kicks off with Wishing Well, a pop tinged rock number which introduces Ravensfield's vocals perfectly. The standout track comes near the end, with recent single No More Love. It's a perfect showcase for Ravensfield and the other musicians, in particular Jake Brown on drums and Ange Lloyd on backing vocals. Fellow producer Gavin Monaghan also plays keyboards on the album, which greatly adds to the overall atmosphere.

I Bleed, the final track on the album, is the other highlight. It's one of the softer tracks, but it is full of emotion and poignancy. Despite the upbeat nature of most of the music, these are not what you would call happy songs. These feel more cathartic in character, and none more so than I Bleed. It's a beautiful song to end the album on.

That's not to say that the other songs don't hold up. There isn't a duff track on the album, and the likes of Waiting For The Rose and Sometimes, It's Always Me are real diamonds, and not of the broken kind.

On this evidence Broken Diamonds should just be the first step on a path strewn with great albums, from a fine songwriter.

Adam Jenkins