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Spencer James Spencer James
Album: Chapter & Verse
Label: SJO
Tracks: 10

Spencer James came to prominence in the 1970's as part of the then Boy Band, "First Class." Although "Beach Baby" became a monster hit and is still played today, the band never really tasted success again and Spencer, moved on to other bands including one with Zak Starkey, "Nightfly."

In 1985, Spencer was invited to join 60's group "The Searchers" and thirty one years later is still the lead singer of the band performing all around the world. It could be thought of as an excellent career move. He still has a passion for music and performing whilst also retaining his somewhat boyish good looks albeit with less hair these days.

This longevity is borne out of having a superb voice for all types of music as well as being an accomplished musician and producer. I have been a fan of "The Searchers" since the 60's and Spencer's version of "The Rose" still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Over the years, Spencer has made a number of solo albums "Chapter & Verse" being the latest and the country influenced sound is probably the genre that gives him most satisfaction. His voice and diction are perfectly suited to Nashville.

Having set up his own recording studio, he has worked as both producer and session musician for a number of other acts. His songwriting has matured as he has got older and the latest CD is without the best of his five solo albums. "What The Heck" comes straight from the clubs in the capital of country music and the sounds of The Bluebird Café! Anyone that has been there will know what I mean. However, Spencer does have one special quality that many country artists do not possess. He can sing rock and ballad with equal passion and quality.

It is apparent that he also possesses a sense of humour. Listen to the brilliant lyrics of "Confetti And A Gun" a song about a shotgun wedding and you will find it difficult not to raise a smile. "Innocent Eyes" is very much a modern country song about love and hurt. "Did You Have To Call Me" slows the pace down a bit and enables Spencer to show off his vocal skills and clarity of voice.

This is a man that has toured and performed all around the world for many years but is perhaps most happy in his studio making the type of music that he loves. There is a real warmth to his voice that is perfectly suited to his style of music and will appeal to anyone that likes modern country or soft rock music. His career with The Searchers will no doubt continue although two of the band are now in their 70's so it is debatable how much longer they will want to continue to perform. However, Spencer is young enough to carry on for years to come and to continue to produce superb albums like this one. Ten top class songs from a very talented musician.

Rory Stanbridge