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Son of the Velvet Rat Son of the Velvet Rat
Album: Dorado
Label: Fluff & Gravy
Tracks: 10

Juxtapose the gravel voice harshness with the open wound fragility - bordering on the broken, it's a tough and entrancing listen in equal measure. A record that makes you feel like a voyeur, prying into others' lives; unable to turn away. Put simply it is one of the most wonderfully personal, beautiful and difficult albums I've ever heard. An introverted record, a record to take some time with, lights off lying on the bed, a record that makes you study yourself - like you rarely do. It is not often you hear something so cerebral that it gives you a stopped moment to ponder and consider your existence.

This record, slow paced, gothic, dark, dainty, and all at the same time bludgeoning and will leave you bruised. Subtle sax, twin harmonies and pulse like drums is a gift not of this world. It is singularly one of the most immersive listening experiences of the last 10 years. Joe Henry's production of this their sixth album is a joy, open your soul to it.

It is a record that you will always return to for comfort in dark moments, a soother, a fret blanket of an album. A known place to make sense of the world. It's an Americana 'Blue Lines' by Massive Attack - you might not know it now, but in 10 years this will be the best record you ever heard in 2017.

Rudie Humphrey