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Solo Sun Solo Sun
Album: Gold Ace
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 8

Like a long sigh on a summer's eve, the Solo Sun debut long player doesn't so much drop as gently cosy up to the listener like the return of the long lost party buddy that only probably arrived with you. There's little that's showy here, yet Gold Ace makes an instant impression - an enigmatic, even taciturn presence on your player of choice that, once you're acclimatised to it, will become an easy companion.

Created with eyes on the pennies rather than pounds, a lo-fi little is made to go a long, long way on this half-hour journey around the Solo Sun. Opening track Blown Away with its skewed Motown beat and 80s drum machine pound flirts with a sense of urgency before the story of momentary dejection locks in on the loop to pave with way for Play Me For a Fool with its insistent synth riff ably marshalled and tempered by a charming guitar figure. Always at the Back of Your Queue mines a soft soul shuffle that Paddy McAloon once revelled in, while Mind Full takes an instrumental break and slips downstream.

What should be Side 2 opens with Your Reflection, a digi-pop distraction with a hook that reaches well beyond its grasp and draws on the tension that creates to prepare the listener for the meat of the album's matter. First up, Music Felt Good wallows in the woozy melodicism of You Never Give Me Your Money and Sun King from the start of The Beatles' Abbey Road Medley; then She Said To Me emerges from the humming atmos to wrestle with the sonic possibilities of Prince reimagining A Rainy Night In Georgia with instruments picked up at a car boot sale. Yes, really.

After all that snap and crackle, the lush tones, soothing melody and lapping outro of the instrumental Ibiza provides the perfect moment-after return to Earth.

A follow up is being promised later this summer and with album #3 prepped and ready to record Solo Sun is getting hotter all the while.

Nick Churchill