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Slack Bird Slack Bird
Album: Aleta Au
Label: Parta
Tracks: 7

Curiously named Finnish duo 'Slack Bird' release their latest offering 'Aleta Au'. Comprising of Dave Klas on Lead Vocals, Banjo and Stompbox and Susanna Leppänen on Accordion and Backing Vocals, manage to create an incredibly full sound on the record.

Opener 'Jouni' is quite a storming track. Klas' Clawhammer Banjo coming to the fore while swirling Accordion drones add depth and further curiosity to this duo.

Track five 'Parempia torit täynnä' is another foot stomper, but where I really feel Slack Bird come into their own are their slower, more drone based material. Evoking Nordic mystique at every turn, Slack Bird feel like they are part of the land and steeped in their tradition.

'Hukka', this final track is the perfect ending to this release, haunting banjo melody with Accordion drones. What Slack Bird do very well is create atmosphere with so little. What sadly lets this release down is the number of songs, sitting rather uncomfortably at seven songs it is neither EP nor album. Thankfully the collection of songs presented leave you wanting more.

With a definite myriad of styles and sub-genres here from Trad Folk, Punk, Bluegrass, Drone and Doom, combined with singing in their mother tongue, Slack Bird refuse to be pigeon-holed. But don't let this genre-smorgasbord dissuade you, Slack Bird create something here apologetically unique that is very approachable. Music like this becomes a shining light in a sea of imitation. To the Trad Folkies and Crust Punks alike, Slack Bird manage to straddle seemingly distant genres effortlessly and with aplomb.

Johnny Campbell