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Sergeant Buzfuz Sergeant Buzfuz
Album: Humble Pie EP
Label: Blang
Tracks: 4

The latest instalment of eccentric, skewed Britpop from the Sergeant Buzfuz brand-name showcases a revamped lineup (different from that which played on last year’s Balloons For Thin Linda album) featuring Stu Crane on slide guitar and Joss Cope (Julian’s brother) on bass. As ever, there’s a playful yet cutting observational slant to the songwriting. Life at the workplace forms the basis of two tracks: The Whole Hospital’s Talking About It (a spoken duologue set to a clattery riff and feedback loop) and Humble Pie itself. The catchy uptempo chugalong of People In Power continues the theme of bullying, while the EP’s closing tale of The Ventriloquist’s Funeral (another spoken excursion) eerily inhabits a curiously spectral post-industrial soundscape. Once again, the music of Sergeant Buzfuz proves a subliminally subversive and wilfully stimulating, if unpredictable and cryptic diversion from the normality of current musical trends.

David Kidman