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Sam Mundy Sam Mundy
Album: Sam Mundy EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

About two years ago I paid a visit from Canada to my parents hometown of Peebles in Scotland, a market town which bustles with activity, the first evening of the visit my Canadian born wife and I saw a poster for an americana evening at a local watering hole and decided to stop in and see who would be performing, there were singers and musicians from the local area around a table, the music was good, many originals were played, a good evening with a pint back home was a good start I thought to myself, and then up stepped Sam Mundy, a local young Singer / Songwriter who had one of the most powerful voices I had heard in a long while, the room went quiet when he played his first song and I immediately noticed that not only was he a great young singer, he also played a mean guitar. When the evening came to a close we got chatting to Sam and I was struck by his presence and his knowledge of americana, roots and folk music, what stood out to me was that he understood the traditions and history and that's what I was hearing in his voice, someone who had a command of the music and a genuine love of what he was doing.

I was invited by Sam's family to visit with him the next day at a local music school, it turns our Sam was already giving back to the community and teaching guitar to local children whose families could not afford private tuition, we were given a tour of the amazing Nomad Beats and I was extremely impressed.

Before I left Peebles I had a conversation with him about his original music and intimated that it would be wonderful to hear his songs if ever he managed to record them, fast forward to now, Sam releases his EP on May 5th which contains four solid tracks, they are a wonderful introduction to what caught my ear two years ago.

'Time' is a beautiful song and start to the EP, the harmonies and instrumentation demonstrate the depth of not only his playing ability but also how good a songwriter he is for someone so young, it carries on into' No Surprise 'demonstrating his intelligent lyric writing, his awareness of placing harmonies to enhance song lines and that amazing guitar playing and technique that he showcases extremely well. I love' Wounds To Dress 'and the way the guitar lines mimic the vocal pattern with some really neat mandolin playing thrown in for good measure,

Sam celebrates his latest E.P release with a dynamic blend of powerful vocals and guitar, drawing influence from american roots and folk music and will perform at the Eastgate Theatre in Peebles on Saturday May 5th, I really wish I could be there for that, I am amazed at how quickly his playing and songwriting have matured and evolved into this body of work, but, on the other hand, I am not surprised, because when an artist like Sam Mundy plays music you can tell they love their craft dearly, it oozes from their pours and into their compositions, and it emanates out to their conversations, that's the feeling I got two years ago and how wonderful it is to see the evolution of an extremely talented artist.

A highly recommended release that will leave you wanting more, look out for the name, I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about Sam Mundy in the not too distant future.

Stevie Connor